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Bonnie Person - Owner

Bonnie has been growing terrarium plants since the age of 13. Upon discovering poison dart frogs and reptiles in her early teens, she has made it a mission to help combine her two favorite passions. A former landscape gardener at Disneyland, she has been working professionally with plants since her early 20's. Her goal in life is to help fix as many black thumbs as she possibly can, so that everyone can enjoy growing beautiful plants :)

Erik De Leon - Warehouse Plant Technician

Erik is currently working towards an ornamental horticulture degree from Mt. San Antonio. He aspires to one day produce his own hybrids and cultivars, along with collecting every Hoya known to mankind! Other than Hoyas, he is also obsessed with carnivorous plants and ant plants. Some of his other interests include hiking, geocaching, and fiber arts. 

Anh Quach - Sales and Inventory

Anh recently discovered her green thumb and went back to her old habits of collecting things. She's focusing on collecting Hoyas and other unique plants. She also loves to create, travel, read, eat, and expose her kids to new ideas, cultures, experiences, and adventures.

Jimmy Nguyen - Warehouse Plant Technician

Jimmy grows many miniature plants including mosses, Begonias, and a few small ferns. His main interest is in creating sustainable living habitats that allow his unusual isopods to thrive and breed. He's always happy to offer tips and guidance on isopod and terrarium care.

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