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Live Arrival Guarantee

COVID Shipping Notice:

Due to the shipping delays caused by COVID, we can currently only guarantee on-time, live arrival with Express USPS shipping.  We cannot currently guarantee live arrival with plants that are shipped using USPS Priority, and are not liable for an extended delays caused by choosing this shipping method. 

Live Arrival Guarantee:

We can only guarantee live arrival if your current temperatures are between 55-85F. We offer insulated boxes and heat packs for cold-weather shipping, and will guarantee live arrival down to 30F when these are used. We also cannot guarantee plant packages that have been left outside in the elements for any length of time. Please make sure someone is home to bring your package inside, or that the carrier can leave it somewhere shaded and protected. 

If your plants are covered by our guarantee and something should happen to your shipment, please submit pictures and a description to within one day of receiving the shipment. We will only replace dead plants and do not cover shipping charges.

Plant Pests:

We are an inspected and licensed nursery in the state of California. All shipments will be sent with the appropriate interstate shipping paperwork. We are inspected almost monthly to make sure we don't have any injurious plant pests.  Since we are a nursery focusing on growing plants for inhabited terrariums, we avoid using pesticides and our plants may occasionally have some fungal gnats. If placing in a tank they should disappear quickly, but if not and these bother you, feel free to water with water treated with mosquito bits to kill any potential larvae. 

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