Collector's Table

Collector's Table

Huperzia goebelii Small Plant (12-16")

This is the very rare and hard to find "Blue" Tassel Fern. These are the smaller of our plants, ranging in length from 12"-16". An incredible deal for..


Elaphoglossum peltatum 'Split Form'

AKA the parsley form, this is one of the smaller growing peltatum fern forms, with fronds reaching the size of about a dime. You'll receive a potted d..


Huperzia phlegmaria

These are incredibly large and full plants of this epiphytic fern. You'll receive a plant ranging in size from 18"-24"+. ..


This epiphytic fern species looks like a smaller version of phlegmaria. These are large, incredibly full plants, and are around 18"-24" long...


This is a slightly larger but very delicate form of peltatum, with fronds reaching about the size of a quater and over an inch tall. You'll receive a ..


Elatostema species Borneo

Potted plants are established in either a 2"-4" pot or cup..


Elaphoglossum peltatum 'Costa Rica'

This is the largest peltatum form that we grow, with fronds reaching several inches in height and approaching the size of a 50 cent piece. This is a v..


Anthurium pedatum

Plants are imports that have been acclimating in our greenhouse for the past month. Currently with 2 leaves each and about 14"-18" tall. Plants will b..


Caladium smaragdinum



Marcgravia sp. 'Brown'

This species ranges from dark brown to copper with a light green scalloped edge. Plants will be established in a 2" pot...


Marcgravia cf. coriacea 'Burgundy' Marcgravia cf. coriacea 'Burgundy'

Juvenile foliage shows lovely shades of orange and pink with a slightly indented leaf margin, while adult foliage is lance shaped with a smoot edge an..


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Marcgravia 'El Coca' Large Plant

One of the more famous Marcgravias from Ecuador, this beauty has satiny dark brown to burgundy leaves that can reach around 6" in length. It is very s..


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