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Common Name: Begonia chloroneuraNative to: PhillippinesGrowth Habit: RhizomatousHumidity: Moderate (60% or higher)This is one of the begonias that just has it all: gorgeous foliage, generously blooming flowers, and fairly easy care. As long as you can provide adequate humidity (we recommen..
Common name: Begonia chlorosticta (Green Form)Native to: Sarawak, Malaysia Growth habit: CaneHumidity: Moderate (70%+ recommended)Begonia chlorosticta is a striking plant that often attracts even the most stubborn of begonia skeptics. It has a cane-like growth habit, and can add on height quite fas..
Begonia erectocarpa 'Tuyen Quang'
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Common Name: Begonia erectocarpa 'Tuyen Quang'Native to: Tuyen Quang, VietnamGrowth Habit: RhizomatousHumidity: High (75%+)This is a begonia you can get lost in. Grown in low light, the pebbly foliage displays a stunning blue iridescence underlying cream-colored spots and reddish-pink leaf..
Common Name: Begonia ignitaNative to: Possibly Indonesia, no collection data availableGrowth Habit: RhizomatousHumidity: High (75% or higher)This plant is just an all around stunner, with beautifully patterned foliage and regular bright orange flowers. It would do well in a greenhouse or a..
Common Name: Begonia iridescensNative to: IndiaGrowth Habit: RhizomatousHumidity: Moderate (70% or higher)Beautifully patterned leaves with a slight iridescence. This species seems to be a more compact grower, perfect for a greenhouse or medium-sized or larger terrarium.You may not receive..
Common Name: Begonia variabilisNative to: Thailand to MalaysiaGrowth Habit: TuberousHumidity: Moderate (70% or higher)This species has a gorgeous silvery sheen to it's leaves. It is tuberous, which means it may occasionally die back to it's underground tubers, but it is a pretty reliable g..
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