Huperzia goebelii Small Plant (12-16")

This is the very rare and hard to find "Blue" Tassel Fern. These are the smaller of our plants, ranging in length from 12"-16". An incredible deal for..


Microgramma species #4

Otherwise known as Microgramma cf vaccinifolia, this fern has small fronds and forms long trailing rhizomes. Does best mounted on long fiber sphagnum ..


Elaphoglossum peltatum 'Split Form'

AKA the parsley form, this is one of the smaller growing peltatum fern forms, with fronds reaching the size of about a dime. You'll receive a potted d..


Huperzia phlegmaria

These are incredibly large and full plants of this epiphytic fern. You'll receive a plant ranging in size from 18"-24"+. ..


Davallia parvula

This tiny fern has finely divided fronds reaching about an inch. Plants are established in 2" pots. ..


This epiphytic fern species looks like a smaller version of phlegmaria. These are large, incredibly full plants, and are around 18"-24" long...


Pyrrosia abbreviata

Cuttings usually contain at least 3-4 fronds or leaves, often times more depending on the plant, and are at least 4"-8" long...


Microgramma nitida

Hailing from Mexico, this is one of the larger Microgrammas that we grow. The fronds are oblong shaped and reach 4"-5" in length and there is a slight..


This is a slightly larger but very delicate form of peltatum, with fronds reaching about the size of a quater and over an inch tall. You'll receive a ..


Microsorum linguiforme

Microsorum linguiforme is a vining fern that can either be grown as a terrestrial or an epiphyte. The bright green fronds can reach up to 4"-5" in len..


A small epiphytic fern from Brazil with intricately patterned fronds. This does best mounted on long fiber sphaghum with regular water. A cutting will..


Microgramma heterophylla

This tiny fern has glossy oval fronds reaching a max height of under an inch. It works great as a small ground cover, or plant it near branches and co..


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