Microgramma species #4

Otherwise known as Microgramma cf vaccinifolia, this fern has small fronds and forms long trailing rhizomes. Does best mounted on long fiber sphagnum ..


Microgramma nitida

Hailing from Mexico, this is one of the larger Microgrammas that we grow. The fronds are oblong shaped and reach 4"-5" in length and there is a slight..


A small epiphytic fern from Brazil with intricately patterned fronds. This does best mounted on long fiber sphaghum with regular water. A cutting will..


Microgramma heterophylla

This tiny fern has glossy oval fronds reaching a max height of under an inch. It works great as a small ground cover, or plant it near branches and co..


Microgramma species #2

One of our smaller Ecuadorian ferns, this tiny creeper has fronds maxing out at almost an inch tall. The ovate to oval fronds are covered in small hai..


Microgramma cf lycopodioides

This stunning fern from Ecuador has a max frond height of 2"-3". The bright lime green, lanceolate shaped fronds show a striking pattern, and while on..


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