What our customers have to say

I’ve ordered many times from Bonnie and visited her awesome collection on numerous occasions as well. She’s got an outstanding collection and always assures the best. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to add to their plant list! - Chris Anderson -
Unbelievable selection on some rare and unusual plants, her knowledge is outstanding and she is just a pleasant human being in general. 5 stars for sure! Only issue i had was spending 4 hours staring at everything she has in her collection =) - Aaron Neeley -
Love Bonnie! The plant order I got from her was impeccable. Will definitely do business in the future... - Alex Menke -
Bonnie modified my package to mix and match plants that I wanted, was shipped quickly and everything arrived in great shape! - Mike Rizzo -
Bonnie is an amazing person, very caring about the people she is helping, the plants she is placing, and the vivariums she is building. She has helped me build multiple vivariums and knows my skill level and my desire level, and how to keep those in check (keeps me away from spending money on the really cool plants I want that she knows I am going to kill and steers me to awesome plants to fill my needs that will last until I get more skill and established tanks to do other plants.) She has been a lifesaver for me on so many levels- I cannot recommend her more highly. - Kristi Krause -
Bonnie is extremely knowledgeable, helpful,sweet and honest! She sells great plants/divisions. You won't be disappointed! I've ordered from her a handful of times and I'm allways impressed with what she sends me! - Peter Wiegand -
I've purchased plants for a number of vivariums from Bonnie over the years. Her selection is great, she gives great advice on picking plants, and she's always a pleasure to talk to. Recommended without reservation. - Ralph Sellman -
I've purchased several plants from Bonnie @Verdant Vivariums through the past several years. Always received better than what I though I was buying, in both size and quality. Buy with confidence! - David Livingston -
I love Bonnie’s selection... she’s always so helpful and the quality of her plants is top notch! Thanks Bonnie - Amber Sharee Horvath-Saxe -
Pm'ed Bonnie about a few specific plant types I was looking for. She had awesome recommendations that were exactly what I was looking for. As with every time in the past, the plants arrived timely, professionally packaged, and in top condition. I will not hesitate to do business with her again, nor should anyone else. Thanks, Bonnie! - aspidites73 on Dendroboard -
I keep telling Bonnie Person that she's my new best friend. She probably thinks I am joking, but I am NOT! I met Bonnie at my 1st ever Reptile Expo a few weeks ago and so far I have been texting her a few times a week with all my vivarium questions. I have made the trip out to see her twice to pick up great items at very reasonable prices and her products are all top quality. She tells me when not to waste money on things and this lets me see that she is far more interested in helping me as a newbie rather than to always make a profit.She is the best hand holder in the world and I wish she would be a little more pushy when dealing with clients because a lot of us need her help more than we know! - Yougahnese Williams -
I just got an order from her a couple weeks ago. Great plants and packing. - Crystal Ruble -
Bonnie is awesome!!! Highly recommend!!! - Eric Chavez -
Got plants from her the last couple years at San Diego expos, plants are always super healthy. - Levi Braxton -
Nice sized cutting of some unusual plants, much nicer than other plants/cutting I have received in the mail. Excellent communication. Excellent resource for a plant geek like me. - Logan R. -
Purchased several cuttings, orchids, etc. Bonnie as extremely helpful and even took pictures for me. Communication was great, packing/labeling great and the plants/cuttings arrived in excellent condition. I would recommend her for plants and orchids. Plan to purchase from her again in the future. - Lane -
I ordered a large number of cuttings (peperomia, epiphyte, epiphytic fern, and vine/shingle packages plus Sphyrospermum cf buxifolium and Ceratostema rauhii) and a mounted Zootrpion dayanum. Although it was freezing outside when the package came, all of the plants inside were in perfect condition. The plants were well labeled and healthy - I guess it is up to me to mislabel/kill them! - Keith -
Bonnie put together a plant package for me that fit all of my needs and for a very affordable price. She was willing to listen to my situation and she pointed out what I may be doing wrong with my plants. She chose hardy plants for me without compromising their beauty. She also provided a little extra in our package that I had not been charged for! Shipping was great as well. I would recommend Bonnie to anyone. - Asad -
I pm'ed Bonnie looking for $50 worth of small-leaved plants for my 20 gallon vivarium. She helped me pick out 11 suitable species (some common, some more rare) and quickly sent them off. Got the plant package today! Everything arrived in perfect condition; super healthy, super well-packaged. All the cuttings are unpacked – some are planted, others are lying on moist sphagnum in a separate tank waiting to root. I'm am stoked. Exactly what I hoping for. Thanks for your promptness, generosity and quality! - Molly -
I pm'd Bonnie for some rarer plants.Some in this ad and some from past ads.She accommodated my request and did an awesome job packing them. I highly recommend her and will definitely do business with Bonnie again! - Louis Giaccone Jr -
Ordered a Pachycentria glauca seedling--um, this is a seedling?!? Received a well-started young plant in NZ sphagnum, expertly packed for a nominal S & H fee. Bonnie is friendly, sincere, professional and helpful. Will definitely do business again, and I recommend her! - Groundhog on Dendroboard -
I have purchased plants from Bonnie a couple of times now and have never been disappointed. If you are familiar with plants and know what you want, she has a lot to offer. If you are still trying to learn about plants (like me then she is very patient and helpful. In addition to selling me what I need for my frogs, she has always been available to answer questions and provide direction. - Aaron Boyd -
Bought some jewel orchids. These can be pretty fragile, so I was sorta worried how they'd ship.... Bonnie's packaging was SUPERB. The postal service could have thrown the box across the truck, and I would not have known. All the plants arrived unharmed and in great condition! - hypostatic on Dendroboard -
I've received several of my favorite plants from Bonnie. Love the ferns and miniatures I've been able to get from her. Always well packed and each cutting is labeled. Thanks Bonnie! - Doug -
I contacted Bonnie about acquiring some plants, and she suggested we just trade since I had some things she didn't have. I received my plants today and am happy as usual with what I received from her. I got some nice sized divisions of some plants you can't find anywhere else. Thanks again! - Zachary Goodnow -
Experience: EXTREMELY positive. Bonnie is very patient with questions and in providing photos and recommendations with respect to plants suitable for the viv. All the plants were as good or better than described/pictured. Portions were generous, prices fair, and she even threw in some bonus leaf cuttings. Great communication and pleasant to deal with. I will definitely do business with her again! - Jim O -
Ordered a handful of pep's that I did not have and some ficus 'panama' Communication was quick, the plants shipped quick. The packing was great, it's never taken me so long to unpack a box of plants! To top it off the plants all look awesome. - Dave Crews -
Bonnie was kind enough to answer all my questions not only before the purchase but afterwards as well. I had a ton of questions! Being new to the hobby she made me feel at ease about my transaction and was a fast shipper. I would order from her again without hesitation. - nightowl on Dendroboard -
I contacted Bonnie through a PM a little over a week ago inquiring about some Microgramma species. She quickly responded with what she had available as well as making a few recommendations for other similar epiphytic ferns. I ordered a cutting each of what she had available. I paid on 9/16/12, she shipped on 9/18/12 and I received the package on 9/20/12. Communication throughout the process was awesome; Bonnie quickly and accurately replied to my questions. Prices were good, and shipping was cheap and fast! The plants were all labeled and packed well. She even threw in a much appreciated cutting of a Bolbitis sp. fern for free (thanks again!!!)! Bonnie is a great person to deal with and I would not hesitate to do business again. - Shaun -
I bought some beautiful broms from Bonnie. They all look amazing, arrived fast, and were packed great! Definitely reccomend her! - James K. -
Ordered some grower's choice broms and received them in a timely manner. She constantly kept in communication and responded fairly quickly. Broms were packaged nicely for the cold weather and I received all of them alive. They're all still doing very nicely! Thanks Bonnie - Kelly -